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FUTURUM Platform Manifesto

In our challenging times, on the threshold of new threats and on the brink of global catastrophes, humanity stands at a critical crossroads. The world in which we live is permeated with uncertainty and fear. People feel like objects of hidden exploitation and manipulation in an ever-changing information space and globalisation, where societal stratification and contradictions intensify, religious discord deepens, climate disasters approach, and the differentiation between truth and falsehood becomes increasingly blurred.

In the modern world, the processes of the decay of public morals are clearly visible. Untruth is propagated, justice is silenced, and basic human values are subject to distortion and oblivion. This degradation threatens the very essence of humanity, undermining our foundational principles of freedom, equality, and brotherhood.

"An educated and independent person is a free person, capable of shaping themselves, their space, and their surroundings! They cannot be limited, turned into a slave; it's difficult to manipulate them and even harder to use them for any unrighteous purposes unless they are a villain."

Faced with these global challenges, we, representatives of various cultures and peoples, see the necessity to unite our efforts to develop and implement a new strategy - a strategy of intellectual digital transformation. Our goal is to harness the capabilities of universal computer literacy, artificial intelligence, and digital technologies for the peaceful and progressive development of our human civilization and the creation of a fairer, more transparent, harmonious, and sustainable society where every individual is respected and where every human action is based on the moral and ethical principles of responsibility and conscience.

The manifesto project we present is a call to action. It is intended to foster the development of a global community where digital transformation will serve not only technological progress and corporate interests but also the improvement of the spheres of human life and activity. This is our collective responsibility and our common path to a brighter, peaceful, and harmonious future for the well-being of all humanity.

Alex Schmidt,
Futurum Platform team

Manifesto for Renewing Society through Digital Technology and Universal Computer Literacy for the Sake of Creation and Peaceful Coexistence of Humanity


In an era of global crises and moral challenges, we, members of the global community, unite around the idea of intellectual and comprehensive digital transformation as a catalyst for positive change. The purpose of this manifesto is to articulate a strategic vision for the use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies to develop and strengthen human civilisation, social justice, peaceful coexistence, and the well-being of all peoples on our planet.

Our manifesto calls for the creation of a world where every person has the opportunities and resources for their personal and intellectual development. A world where technologies serve not only economic growth, but also the strengthening of individual and collective freedom and environmental safety. We strive for a society that values and encourages independent thinking, creativity, and moral and ethical responsibility of each of its members.

We are convinced that the development of qualities such as critical thinking, digital literacy, and moral awareness is the strategic key to sustainable and harmonious societal development. An educated and independent person cannot be turned into a slave. They are difficult to trap in the snares of false rhetoric and misinformation. Such people constitute the foundation of a progressive, just, and free society, capable of creation.

1. Digital Ethics and Morality

We recognise the need to develop and implement international standards of digital ethics in the age of AI and new digital technologies. These standards should promote not only creative and humane values but also the spread of truthful information, a culture of respect and tolerance, safety, and counteract the use of technologies against human beings and their freedom, especially for manipulation and misinformation.

2. Education and Cultural Development

We commit to promoting educational initiatives and programs aimed at developing critical thinking, digital literacy, and ethical consciousness. Corresponding digital platforms should become tools for accessible education and free exchange of knowledge, cultural enrichment, and strengthening of common human values.

3. Transparency and Accountability

We emphasise the importance of transparency and accountability in the digital sphere. Transparent mechanisms for the use of data and artificial intelligence should serve the public good, ensuring the protection of rights and freedoms of every individual.

4. Cooperation and Peaceful Conflict Resolution

We call for international collaboration in the development and application of digital technologies for the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Digital tools should be used to promote dialogue, mutual understanding, and cooperation among peoples.

5. Sustainable Development and Ecology

We commit to supporting the development and creation of digital technologies for solving environmental problems and achieving sustainable development. Digitalisation should contribute to resource optimisation, rational use, carbon footprint reduction, and the protection of natural ecosystems.

6. Social Development and Inclusion

We support initiatives aimed at using digital technologies for social development and inclusion. Technologies should help reduce social inequality, ensure access to education and healthcare, and support vulnerable populations.

7. Commitment and Self-Regulation

We support and defend the rights of both digital creators and users by shaping norms of interaction, introducing new decentralised forms of independent and fair protection of rights and interests, and regulating conflicts in the digital, internet, and communication spheres.


Thus, at the heart of our manifesto lies not only technological renewal but also a deep belief in the necessity of cultivating responsibility, awareness, self-sufficiency, and independence of the individual as the foundation of a free and just society.

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