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Inspiring change for a better tomorrow

The idea of improving our lives through the development of targeted digital technologies and universal access to computer education came to us during the pandemic. A team of professionals was formed under this idea, which developed a concept of applied use and several significant programmes, for the execution of which our non-profit organisation was created in 2024.

In the technetronic age, the age of artificial intelligence and blockchain, digital innovation, and new breakthrough technologies, we seriously anticipate that the digital community - the most active and productive component of digital transformation - can become the leading driving force of the transformation of our society and creative progress, capable of changing the world for the better.

Democracy, freedom, equality, and well-being can and should be secured by purposeful and comprehensive digital technologies, encompassing all spheres of our lives. The world order requires significant changes in the interest of all humanity. Therefore, we want to participate in creating a sustainable and innovative future. Our mission is to unite efforts to support the digital transformation of society, educational initiatives, and technological breakthroughs that contribute to global well-being and progress.

To fulfil this mission, we are initiating the creation of:

Global Alliance of Digital Creators

Free University of Digital Technologies

FUTURUM Currency Unit (FCU)

The Futurum Currency Unit (FCU), also referred to as ECU (Écu), plays a key role in the ecosystem of the non profit organization "Global Alliance of Digital Creators" (GADC). The use of FCU as an internal currency allows for the creation of an efficient, flexible, and transparent economic system within the non-profit organization and opens up new opportunities for expansion and integration with the global economic and cryptocurrency space.

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Goals and Objectives

From the charter of the public Institution "FUTURUM PLATFORM": The public institution "Futurum Platform" (hereinafter referred to as "the Institution") is a non-profit public legal entity with limited civil liability, having economic, financial, and legal autonomy.

To facilitate the development of civil society and peaceful coexistence through the digital transformation of society, as well as to promote the development of universal humanistic values in the name of humanity and its future through humanistic ideology and applied (targeted) philanthropy and sponsorship.

• Enlightenment in the field of democratic values;

• Civic education and promoting universal computer literacy;

• Promotion of universal human values in society;

• Expert and financial support for initiatives and non-profit and humanitarian organizations;

• Assisting in building a global society based on principles of peace, tolerance, and joint intellectual solutions for the common good.

• In pursuit of its goals, the Institution operates in the fields of enlightenment, information, education, and consulting services, in the field of charity and sponsorship, as well as other socially beneficial activities.

• Enlightenment on the development of civil society, culture of solidarity, social responsibility, and justice in the era of digital technologies and artificial intelligence;

• Educational events and implementation of various educational programs;

• Implementation of programs, actions, and events promoting the digital transformation of society, universal digital and computer literacy, the development of decentralized digital ecosystems, and new technologies in the digital and communication spheres;

• Implementation of targeted international programs, events, and actions for the statutory purposes, including joint programs with other non-profit organisations, international institutes and organisations, legal entities, state bodies, volunteers, and citizens with similar goals, activities, and engagement for public interest.

• Facilitating the development and implementation of new technologies and forms of digitalisation of intellectual property, know-how, and priorities using distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence, and the internet;

• Protecting the rights of digital creators (authors) and consumers, creating and supporting the development of commercial arbitrations for disputes in the digital sphere and internet environment, including through decentralized systems and blockchain;

• Promoting and developing innovative types of business based on digital technologies and innovations;

• Supporting and developing interest communities, protecting human and citizen rights;

• Publishing activities and activities in the field of mass media and media;

• Organising cultural and entertainment events;

• Film and video production with targeted functions and purposes;

• PR campaigns to promote the goals and objectives of the public organisation;

• Humanitarian activities and providing various types of assistance and support to minorities, civil communities, humanitarian funds, informal alliances, independent professional unions and associations protecting the rights of their members, refugees, public figures, and activists in difficult life situations and/or persecuted by authoritarian anti-democratic regimes.

• Establishing and opening branches and representations of the public organisation in other regions and countries, participating in the creation of other non-profit, non-governmental, and charitable organisations;

• Other activities aimed at achieving the charter goals and objectives;

• Seeking and attracting funds to support its own non-profit programs and events, civil initiatives and organisations dealing with issues of civil society development, human rights, universal education and literacy, professional development and universal employment, security, and harmonious development of humanity.

• Licensed or otherwise legally conducted activities are carried out only after obtaining the appropriate permissions.

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