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Distance and Online Education

Digital Sphere Journalist

Become a new generation technical journalist with the online course in digital journalism from FUTURUM PLATFORM!

30 Days of Intensive Learning

Qualification Course "Digital Sphere Journalist" with the issuance of an international certificate and a Digital Sphere Journalist or Digital Sphere Commentator ID, including a QR code entered in the press center registry of the public institution FUTURUM PLATFORM.

Without language barriers, without time constraints, and effortlessly, we are building a career in the digital field!
  • EN – English
  • DE – German
  • RU – Russian
  • UK – Ukrainian
  • FR – French
  • IT – Italian
  • NL – Dutch
  • ES – Spanish
  • ZH – Chinese

Course Goal

To prepare qualified journalists capable of professionally covering events in the world of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, innovations, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and robotics. The course aims to develop skills in gathering, analyzing, and presenting information while adhering to journalistic ethical standards.

Time Commitment

8 hours weekly, total 32 hours.


Online and distance learning


Evaluation by the journal's editorial team of two final participant works (journalistic or media-video content).

Course Themes

Exploring the Foundations and Innovations in Digital Journalism

  • Introduction to Digital Journalism
  • Learning the basics of digital journalism
  • Understanding the legal environment and ethical standards
  • Developing digital literacy skills
  • Auxiliary platforms, AI tools, and automation
  • Journalistic communities and professional associations
  • Journalists' rights.

Course Modules

Explore digital technologies, research methods, writing/editing, and ethics in journalism, plus a hands-on practicum.

  • Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Introduction to robotics and automation.
  • Digital media and social communications.
  • Data collection techniques and information sources.
  • Data analysis and the use of analytical tools.
  • Preparing interviews and working with experts.
  • Stylistics and structure of journalistic materials.
  • Editing and proofreading of technological texts.
  • Using multimedia tools to enhance materials.
  • Interview techniques and linguistic processing of technical terms.
  • Shorts and digests, news feeds, visualization - modern technologies and tools.
  • Ethical dilemmas in technological journalism.
  • Legislation regulating digital media.
  • Protection of personal data and confidentiality of sources.
  • Intellectual property in the digital sphere.
  • Real individual tasks in collecting, analyzing, and publishing news.
  • Creation of a portfolio with work samples. Illustration, design, presentation, material submission.
  • Feedback from leading practicing journalists.
  • Publication in the journal and/or a personal blog on the FUTURUM.MEDIA platform.

Final Certification

Graduation project: An analytical review of global or national press and digital media platforms and/or social networks in the field of digital and new technologies.

Practical assignment: Preparation of a full-fledged journalistic article on a current topic in the field of digital or innovative technologies.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive an international certificate confirming the status of a digital field journalist and an identification card (ID) of a journalist of the established sample.

Upon signing a Creative Collaboration Agreement with the publisher of the international journal Futurum and opening a personal blog on the Futurum.Media site, it is possible to issue a press card valid for 2 years for this media outlet, with the possibility of renewal. The personal blog of the author will subsequently be monetized.

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